Managing Stress

The demands of modern life, means tension and stress impacts us all. The thing to remember with stress is knowing how to manage it effectively. We need to understand what stress is, its causes, what effect it can have on you and how to avoid it.  Here are the SRG quick tips to managing stress.

  • Stress? What is it?

    Feeling tense, trapped, wound up, nervous, poor concentration. These can manifest themselves as aggression, irritability, being overcome with work concerns, and changes in your diet.  All this will result in poor health.  You will experience headaches, tiredness, raised blood pressure, and generally poor overall health.

  • Managing Stress

    Having a well-balanced lifestyle and healthy diet is a great start. Doing things that relax you are also a great tool to cope well.  Breathing exercises are a great way to relax, taking a walk or partaking in physical activity are great things to do to manage and relieve your stress.

  • The Bigger picture

    When stress starts to affect you, step away from the situation and take a realistic look at what you are asking of yourself.  Assessing the situation in this way allows you some downtime and lets you deal with the stress in a managed fashion. When we are stressed we are most likely trying to please everybody, and this is difficult to do at the best of times.  If you recognize this then you should realise that you can help yourself by looking after yourself first, then you can operate better in helping others later.  Try not to worrying about a situation.  A small amount of positive action, will give you a boost, making you feel much more positive about the situation you are in.  Try not to worry about things that haven’t yet happened or that you can’t do anything about.

  • Stay Positive

    Positive thinking, positive visualisation, and a little fun and laughter are great ingredients to managing stress and creating a better environment for you to operate in.  What’s outside of your control is exactly that, outside of your control, so try not burdening yourself with worries about anything that exists in there.  The glass is half full, always!