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Your career needs are what Shamrock Recruitment focuses on from the word go. We can help you find opportunities and we’ll ensure that you’re better prepared when putting your best foot forward. Shamrock Recruitment operates out of our centrally located Wellington and Auckland offices to service the leading Commercial Businesses of the region.  We offer positions from Senior Management to Junior Office positions.  Shamrock Recruitment utilises our 25 years of experience and knowledge to place candidates with the right talent, experience and desire.

Positions can be permanent, or temporary.  By its nature, temping and contract solutions offers organizations or candidates a choice and flexibility before long term employment commitments are made.  Remember, not all great jobs are advertised. Shamrock Recruitment, often assist in filling these roles before they are externally advertised.

Shamrock Recruitment provides temporary and permanent candidates across a wide ranging employment and client base, including:

Shamrock Recruitment Procedures

All our candidates are thoroughly reviewed by our experienced team using proven professional procedures to ensure that any of our candidates forwarded for consideration to an interview meets the agreed criteria.  In addition to our detailed reference checking, all candidates will undergo a systematic screening programme so that any client has all the necessary information.

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