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At Shamrock Recruitment Group, Health and Safety is always at the forefront. We pride ourselves on our Health and Safety practices and all our staff are actively involved in this. Director, Roana Carran is an active member of The New Zealand Safety Council,  a charitable organisation that aims to improve health, safety and well-being within New Zealand workplaces. The group consists of highly skilled and qualified people who have a passion for H&S. Members are advocates who currently are working on ensuring H&S people are qualified and can prove competency not just from an academic perspective but a practicable perspective.

Our hard work and endeavours have been recognized when Director, Roana Carran was awarded  New Zealand Safety Practitioner of the year 2005, as well as The Company recently receiving secondary level status by the ACC workplace Safety Management Practices in February 2013

Health and safety is the top priority of Shamrock Recruitment

Health & Safety is Our Priority!

You shouldn't have to worry when you go to work. Shamrock make sure that whichever workplace we send you, you're always safe.

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