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Equal Employment Opportunity

Shamrock Recruitment is an industry leader-responding to the increased demand for quality and value. Shamrock Recruitment ensures all applicants and employees are considered on each individual merits, and have an equal opportunity to perform their maximum potential-both personally and professionally. Shamrock Recruitment is totally committed to the principle and practice of equality in the workplace environment. Shamrock Recruitment opposes any unfair discrimination on the grounds gender, race, disability, marital status, sexual orientation, age, religion or any other personal characteristics that do not relate to skills or qualifications. 

Shamrock Recruitment is dedicated to meeting all its responsibilities under the Treaty of Waitangi. Shamrock Recruitment aims to avoid any unfair discrimination against those employed by, or applying for any appointment within Shamrock recruitment. Shamrock Recruitment continually reviews our personal policies and procedures relating to all recruitment activities, and training to ensure our EEO policy objectives are continually met and adhered to.

Shamrock Recruitment understands the need for a professional attitude and the importance of merit. Our definition of merit includes such matters as the applicant’s community and cultural standing of their work experience, paid or unpaid. That ensures everyone in our company can achieve to the very best of their ability, thus creating an environment and opportunity to make a meaningful contribution within the organisation.At Shamrock Recruitment our policies and procedures are reviewed annually as part of our QMS.