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Psychometric Assessment Centre

Shamrock Recruitment Group believes that the personal touch and face to face interaction are vital elements to the recruitment process.  This is why our new Psychometric Assessment Centre is located at our office and all testing and assessments are done on-site and in person.

We know assessments completed at home and online don’t always yield the desired results, and can often be misleading and unreliable. None of our assessments are completed away from our Psychometric Assessment Centre.  This provides accurate results that save you valuable time and money.

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We assess four main areas, tailoring to the needs of the client depending on the position available and what we have perceived as important skills from meeting with client and the job description.  We assess the following:

  • Individual skills and abilities
  • Behavioural and situational interactions
  • Cognitive skills
  • Team work ethic

These four elements build up an idea of how the person works, behaves and interacts in the work place.  It will highlight their strengths and weaknesses; this will help decide whether or not they are suitable for particular roles and responsibilities within an organisation

Upon completion, we provide a clear and precise report written by our qualified evaluator. The reports will be written for each individual that has completed the assessments which will be no more than four A4 pages. This aids in the decision on who to put forward for the next step in the recruitment process.

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